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If you have reached this page, then you are thinking of having me do a Spell for you perhaps. Well, let me tell you a little bit about the nature of Spells and Angels... Let us start from the beginning... In Heaven there are Angels as we already all know. Down through the ages people like myself have always worked with these Angels for one reason or another. Out of working with these Angels have came some old books that were written mainly in the 1500's.

These books laid a structure to the way we all perform spells today. A part of this is the commanding of Angels to do your bidding on certain things. Well, this is not a good idea really because it has been proven to be quite hazardous to the Magician's health of the past and to some of us today . Why you may ask? Here it is guys, YOU CAN NOT TELL AN ANGEL WHAT TO DO!, If you command him to do anything, it won't get done! If you point a sword and threaten him with it in any way, [[ guess what]] this ancient force will not only do what you tell it to do, but it will really get pissed off at you!! THAT'S not a very good thing to be happening! All you can do is ASK an Angel to do some thing for you. Ask in the most ancient of ways, that date back even before the old testaments of the [[[ many bibles ]]], and that's it! The rest is up to them . . . and you .

Now, you might be saying, "What's this got to do with a spell?" The answer is this... Many people that I cast spells for ask me, "Will it work?..How long will it take?.." And say, "I want results!" , and on and on. And you know, these are fair questions. This is often the way I will respond to them... "An Angel will do what an Angel will do, in his own time and place." The only thing that I can do in a spell is to ask these forces, in a most ancient way prescribed by them , to intervene FOR you .

I do this in the way of offerings and certain invocations of the heavenly offices. I guess the reason I am telling you all of this is because down through the span of time, there have been misconceptions. Like people of magic having power over the heavenly host. This is totally not the case. Only the higher levels of Heaven have the power over the lesser parts of Heaven . And that's it! All you can do, as a Magician, is get into their graces through the respecting of them for what they are and what they do. They will do for you almost anything you ask of them out of the love that they have developed for you and not because you have any power over them.

Now, having said all that, lets talk about the nature of your spell. A spell works through natural means, such as, through other people around you and through your environment as a whole. Let's just say that you need some money and you cast a spell for someone. A week goes by... You say "damn, it didn't work," because no money came to your front door . So you throw your hands up in the air and decide to just go down and buy yourself a lotto ticket to cheer yourself up. You go down to the store and you buy one and you win . Then you say "Hey! This must be my lucky day!"-- Nothing to do with luck.

{ THAT'S THE SPELL AT WORK!} Lets look now at the "Love Spell" in action . You and your lady or man have broken up, and you want to get back together again. So, you try do this through the use of a Love Spell. The Love Spell will change the thought patterns in both persons to where the two of you are less critical of each other. It puts back in the "compassion" and the "passion" that is needed in a relationship. It opens back up the communications that once was there between the two of you. This type of spell will use everything and anything in the environment to bring back together again, any two people .

Now you might say , " I hope I am not in that group of 1% to 5% that the spell doesn't happen for." Well relax! The people that fall into that category are the ones destine to go on to much greater things in life. And if you ARE one of those people then no spell on Earth will help you. Because a person like that, is born solely for that event and nothing else! Their lives cannot be changed! They are destined to walk a certain paths in life and to be at a certain place at a certain time, to change our history in some way! They are to help us as a race to heal and to teach humanity as a whole, the lessons of Heaven .

But, if you are not in this group, and most people are not, then you are safe and the spell will work for you. [[[[ UNLESS]]]] you do two fatal things!! The first being: refusing to change the way you think and do things that affect others in a bad way. The second being, [[[NOT ]]] Letting the spell go so it can work for you!! You release the spell by [[[forgetting about it]]]] , and before you know it your spell will come true for you. Most Spells will start working as I am writing them , which takes me two weeks from start to the finishing. This is the case with most of the spells that I do, but not all of them. Some can take up to a month ...

This time span is because it involves the invoking of two to five hundred Angels in some cases, filling up three pages of parchment paper that are two feet in length and one foot in width, with very tight Hebrew ,Celtic and Angelic writings of you prayer. Any more of the spell I can not reveal to you, because this would start getting into the secrets of Heaven and Earth.

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