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Throughout the early progression of the first 25 years my life I had tended to live my life for others according to what they wanted or thought my life should be and not so much what I wanted to accomplish in life. As I look back on this now it was the biggest mistake of my entire life for the sole reason that it only served to make others temporally happy and left a huge and somewhat permanent void in my own spirit at the time.

I was under the impression that I could never be free to be who I really wanted to be and this pretty much turned me into a very bitter young man. Now what's this have to do with magic or the site you might be asking yourself? My answer to that question would be Absolutely Nothing however this page will give you a good clear look into who I am and what I stand for in this life now that I've grown into my own person and not what others would have me to be.

Some have wrote into the site proclaiming me to be a Angel sent from Heaven above while others have blasted me for being the Devil in sheep's clothing dispatched from Hell it self. Please let me address these accusations... I am not either one of these things, however if I were to make an educated guess I would surmise that we all might have a little angel or devil in all of us. So in essence I'm not so different then you in this regard when you think about it. I am a person that has been through alot like you and has had a very interesting life thus far.

I'm a fair man with a sincere need to help those who will help themselves, however please be warned that I am also a hot blooded Irishman at times with a very low tolerance for bull shit to those who waste their and my precious time and effort on nonsense, because of my illness and chronic pain for which there is no cure. With a heavy workload 'round the clock and other personal family chores that I must undertake on a daily basis there's not much time to waste on foolishness, so I try to make every second of my life count by living life to the fullest as should you.

I drink Baileys Irish Cream by the gallons and smoke like a stack, I cuss like a Sailor, like to have fun wherever I can and laugh and joke alot. I'll speak to anyone and help them if I can to no matter what task they present me with at the time. I don't do drugs however a little smoke never hurt anyone-lol. I think hard drugs are a tragedy waiting to happen. 'Im a driven person with a cause and I'll step on anyone who gets in my way, as after all I have a world to save LOL.

I'm an over achiever and seriously deadly in business matters. I will protect my family, friends, pets, property and self with a viciousness that has never been seen by the world before. I can be loud, rowdy and obnoxious in private not to mention being a pain in the ass to work for as I'm a perfectionist and want things done my way. I'm not a great speller as you've might have notice all ready and my perception of time is shit.

I like children, puppies, good life long friends and taking pictures of the forest lands and wildlife. I don't like rude ass holes and will smite thee even though I can be one myself at times LOL. Dragon Spells LLC is my life and I consider all of my Clients to be not only friends but family members as well. I like debates as long as there constructive in nature, however I loath a person that approaches me with a unprepared case and knows not what their speaking about.

I like scary movies but not the blood and guts kind. I have a great love for all kinds of music especially classical, heavy metal, new age and Celtic. I am a accomplished sculptor, painter, poet, philosopher, wizard and like to dabble in psychology. I spend most of my time answering the telephone, emails and creating spells and like to ride my motorcycle in my spare time. I like lots of sweets and fast food. I like to splash in mud puddles. I like to destroy ant hills in my yard just to watch the little buggers rebuild it within hours. Nature fascinates me and I learn alot from watching the creatures of the forest. The Forest is my life force.

I take care of my adopted Father who has taken care of me for most of my younger life and who has pulled me out of trouble with the law more times then I can count LOL. My Dad is 83 now and lives with my beautiful love Jan and myself. He will never see the inside of a nursing home because I will see to that. My Dad says... what if I go crazy in my old age... I say your 80 Dad and your all ready old but your not crazy yet lol.

I tell him this, If you do go crazy then I lock the front gates so you can't get away from me. And if you go around the yard and start pulling up the flowers then I'll go around in back of you and replant them again so you can pull them up again tomorrow. He just laughs. And again concerning my beautiful love Jan, I don't know if my existence would even be bearable or worth living without her as she really is the better part of me.

This is the woman who taught me what love really is. In my darker days there were none in the land who could breach my castle walls with all their savage weaponry, and then Jan who was sent to me by Divinity came along and washed away my pain with her incredible love and healing and the castle walls fell away as the sun shined brightly upon my heart again. Without my dear Jan and Dad Phil my life would loose all meaning and worth I think and my pain would engulf me like a unbearable plague once again.

I am not worthy to be called angel, devil or guru, as I am just a man with a simple message for all that will hear and consider it. Yes I have to be loud and obnoxious at times as I am likened to a sparrow in the midst of a great storm that must sing a little louder then the eagles to be heard. Yes I have to be the warrior, mother, brother, father, sister, best friend and confident as I must be all things to all people yet at the same time I am the student and the disciple of my brothers and sisters in the world.

Like every man and woman on this earth I have both the good and evil that dwells within my heart that rages on for dominants one over the other as it has been so in the human spirit for eons. I am a humble and private man fighting my vices while hanging my head low for sins committed against heaven and earth with the hope and faith in the Divine for forgiveness and salvation through my absolution. I am the lonely voice in the crowd that says perhaps there's another way.

I am you and you are me as we are one in the earth. Yes I have looked into the abyss and it has looked back into my soul. Yes I have walked in the midst of angels but so have you before your birth. Yes I was taken into the spirit realm and was made to hear the voices of those lost to us but so have you in your dreams. I have walked in the lands of shadow but so have you in your darkest hour. I was given a message in a place unseen to this world but you are given this same message in your every waking moment of your life and all you have to do is hear it.

Some folks think I'm a little crazy or eccentric but that's ok because I'm very happy being me to no matter if insanity has come calling or not. I don't expect the world to understand me no more then I could fully understand it, however I'll make you a deal... Don't judge me and I won't judge you. Accept me for what and who I am and I'll return the favor. If one understands a force of nature and excepts it for what it is then Nature shall live in harmony with the one. I hope this has given you the viewer a brief look into what and who I am. In a nut shell im a simple man of modest means sharing what I know to be truth in my life while hoping to radiate the world with Divinities love and knowledge.

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