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What sign are you? Do you know? Are you a Aries? Taurus? Gemini? Cancer? Leo? Virgo? Libra? Scorpio? Sagittarius? Capricorn? Aquarius, or Pisces? If you don't know . . . you should. If you do know your sign, then you have a head start over those who don't. You can then both research the positives and negatives of your sign or personality, as well as the positives and negatives of others. This will yield up hidden knowledge of personality traits, on both sides, either positive or negative. As a result of this knowledge you would then know where your strong points lie and where the weaknesses lie within your personality. Thus, you can balance them. You can also do this with other people that you come in contact with in your environment, on a daily basis. On the level of, not so much changing them, or trying to balance them out in any way, but to know what to expect from them in a round about way.

This is like reading tomorrows news paper today, concerning events that might take place between two people or more. A lot can be established informational wise, from a persons Zodiac sign. Such as, in the case of a Scorpio. This sign tends to be loving, passionate, protective, considerate, and loyal, on its positive side. However, on the negative side of the Scorpio, a person can be egotistical, domineering, jealous, demanding, self centered, and quick to anger.

This is my sign. (LOL) Of course, our births are at different times of the year, month, day and hour, so really there isn't what I call a pure sign in the zodiac. As a result of these time variations we have what you would call Ascendants and Descendents in the zodiac itself. It is also divided into twelve equal parts, proceeding from west to east, as each part is also thirty degrees apart. The Zodiac is broken into two parts and is distinguished from each other, by beginning with Aries as the first of six signs in the north. Then the six southern signs in the south side of the equator, beginning with Capricorn.

We have six Ascending, and then six Descending signs or, six which ascend higher towards the north and six which descend lower towards the south. The six Northern signs are: Aries (the Ram), Taurus (the Bull), Gemini (the Twins), "These are Spring Signs." Cancer (the Crab), Leo (the Lion), Virgo (the Virgin),These are considered "Summer Signs." The six Southern signs are: Libra (the Balance), Scorpio (the Scorpion), Sagittarius (the Archer), "These are Autumn Signs." Capricorn (the Goat), Aquarius (the Water-Bearer) and Pisces (the Fish), "These are Winter Signs."

The Ram begins,Then comes the Bull, in May the Twins ,The Crab in June, next Leo the Lion shines, And Virgo the Viorgin ends the northern signs. The balance brings Autumn fruits,The scorpion stings, the archer shoots. December's goat brings Wintry blast, Aquarius rain, the fish come last.

According to a persons Astrological sign, along with their Ascendant and Descendent factors on the chart, this would really dictate the level of positive and negative traits that a person would contain within their personality at birth. Now, concerning relationships and how they are affected... In regards to astrological signs and planetary influences, where a person was placed, subject to birth, would determine the types of signs that he or she might be attracted to latter into adult life. Two people will tend, in fact, to look at each other and see more positives then negatives, this is a general rule to determine their compatibility in a given relationship. However, it is my view that, any relationship of mixed signs can work. No matter what the Astrological sign would be, or what the Ascendants or Descendents of those two signs might be, if two people were made aware of each others signs and the weaknesses, and strengths of those astrological signs, in question.

Lets take the case of the Scorpio and the Virgo. Lets just say that a negative trait of the Virgo would be to communicate something in an unclear fashion. Or, to have left plenty of room for mis-interpertation in a statement or conversation. Let's say that the Virgo made this mis-communication to a Scorpio. Scorpios love to fight any way and will use anything for an excuse to do so. Lets go further, to say that the Scorpio finds this statement made by the Virgo, to be highly offensive and thus an argument ensues to a fevered pitch. This lack of control of temper on the Scorpio part, and mis-communications on the Virgos part, might possibly be the last straw that broke the camels back, as it brings an abrupt end to a long relationship. However, if the Virgo stops to think about what they say, before they say it, and communicates a statement properly, leaving no room for mis-interpertation, then many problems can be avoided. If a Scorpio keeps in mind that he isn't always right and that he/she has problems with anger, ego, and control, then this will avoid a lot of problems.

If the Virgo and Scorpio realize, both their own negative attributes, and each others, then this gives both people in that relationship a hidden knowledge as to what kinds of situations to avoid entering into with each other. Also, what kinds of things to build upon to make that relationship much stronger. The two people can then start on a spiritual journey, by the balancing of their emotions, In turn helping themselves, by placing their relationship on a healthier level that will last forever. If a person's emotional attributes go unchecked, or is left in a unbalanced state of affairs, and one decides not to apply these principles to his or her life, then that person or couple will fall subject to the planetary's influences of energy. Thus, restricting them in life on every real level of physical and spiritual existence.

There are many ways to help a perspective couple out in the way of astrology. Such as, Natal Charts, Numerology, and even Rune, or Tarot readings. A Natal Chart will tell a person about the predestined path that the planets have in store for a certain sign. Rune readings will address certain things that a person can change about their personality that will alter, to a large degree, this planetary course of events in a person's life. It does this by changing the energy path from negative to positive. Numerology is much like, and is used in, the Natal charts. It will tell you not only the past, but future events to come, if this person stays on a planed course of events without the intervention of excelled spiritual and mental evolution.

Tarot Card Readings will reveal changes made in a persons life, depending on the sorts of actions that person decides to take concerning their daily life, either in a positive or a negative way. In other words, Tarot Card readings are merely an early warning system of something coming, that can be changed with either a positive or negative action on a persons part, or spell work. Tarot cards will also report past events as well as future events. Rune readings will report past and current personality flaws, and give you a clear path to follow of success.

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