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This page will attempt to give a reasonable expiation or breakdown of the Apocalyptic Angels and to what purpose they serve. Most holy text and or faith structures in the world iliustraight their own version of this preminent event affectionately known to many as "Armageddon" or the judgment day and moreover the roll that these angels will play in this experience of event. I think it best to use the mainstream view of Christianity as it seems to speak more on this particular subject of Divine justice through retribution. If one will read through the book of John, or better known as the book of Revelations, one will find that it's a serious warning to the human race to stay within the boundaries of rightious behavior firmly issued in this text.

The laws dictating rightious behavior are pretty much laid out for us in the format of the ten commandments of Christianity. Like so many other holy text the laws for living are not only stated clearly here in this summary of laws, but are also explaining why they even exist at all. Why do we have laws in the first place and why can't we just make up our own laws as we move along in life you ask? Answer: We have laws for the same reasons we have house rules, Traffic laws and international laws. These laws and rules keep us out of the realms of chaos, mayhem and or anarchy as this type of mass confusion will only lead us to the death of our race as we know it.

However, even though Heaven through Divine Intervention has set those certain few in government over us one has to question who's watching the watcher and do they really have our best interest at heart or moreover are they in accord with what Divinity had originally designed for them to do. After all, with power comes corruption and decadence. I believe that corruption and wickedness can be found at every level of existence and thus our leaders are no exception to this rule, but there again even the chosen of us have the enaliable human rights of free will and choice to do what they will in life. So if a man of power chooses to incite war over a King in a distant land, for whatever reason, shall he fall subject to the repercussions of his actions just like the rest of us? In other words, if Divinity has given a man the power to bring peace to the world through peaceful means but despite this calling the man brings war to a nation with the prospects of peace in the wake of genocide, then I believe that this man has committed a serious or grievous infraction against Divinities plan for resolution in this part of the world. The man has made a mockery of his Divine task at hand and will be made to answer for this in the end.

We all have a divine purpose at some level in life and are held fast in accountability for our actions likened to the man of power. When a person can look inside with the sole intent of cleansing themselves both in a mental and spiritual way then that person will eventually start to recognize what makes them act out in the way that they do in regards to a certain situation that may occur in their daily life. When a individual begins to understand why they do the things they do and why they say the things they say then they also begine to understand why others do and say the things they do and say because were all cut from the same cloth to no matter what part of the matter you hail from.

When a person sincerely looks within and is dead serious about correcting the negative traits that are existing within their personality then this Soul is on its way to becoming a rightious person ,or Soul, in the eyes of the Divine. How is this so you may be asking? This is possible in the respect that the person is now looking inside of themselves and for the first time in their entire life can view the demons of negative behavior that has consumed them and closed many beneficial doors to them in life. Now that a person is aware of these unbalanced emotions they can pull them out into the light of rectification and learn new ways of doing or approaching situations that will not only be helpful to themselves but will be more constructive and beneficial to all that they come in contact with in the future.

When a person is under the full realization of who they are and what they are then that same person becomes very aware of their divine purpose in life. When you understand yourself you then will understand the world and thus from there a small part of the workings of Divinity not only in your life but in the lives of others as well. A person begins to understand what is important in life at this point and to what is of small importance; and through this will be able to enter the realms of Divinities grace instead of Divine teaching, retribution and/or wrath. If a person is on an internal journey for positive self-change and becomes the teacher of their own spirit then Divinity tends to become a positive force within this individual because they are now a beneficial cell to the whole of creation and not working in detriment of it. Regarding Angels of the Apocalypse... Who are they and what is their task? For seventeen thousand years the human being has walked the earth and has been destroyed many times over for the lack of effort in developing mentally and spiritually, I would surmise.

We as Human Beings are in fact the physical manifestation of the Divine. A small physical part of God so to speak. We are a part of the spiritual realm existing in the world of condensed matter but never the less we are still connected to this spiritual body in a good many ways. Divinity works with the physical manifestation of it self, being us everyday in a effort to bring the human being away from the corruption of earthly and fleshly things and closer to the eternal ways of the spirit. Our lives are but a second in time as our spirits are forever like Divinity and with out end.

It would only makes sense to hone things of the spirit down and only take of the fleshly things we need upon the earth to survive. Unfortunately, like our ancestors of the past, we as modern human beings tend to get caught up in matters of the flesh such as politics, money, power, greed and over all pettiness, and thus these things are the snares to our eventual doom. To make an educated guess here I would say that Divinity pretty much gets tired of talking all the while having no one listening to what they have to say and so a wake up call is given to us every two to six thousand years. This is where the Angels of the Apocalypse come into play. Basically these Forces Of Creation, God/Dess, Angels, Demons or Dragons, are the cleansing part of Divinity or the actual creation part of this same Divinity.

Take for instance... When the ground floods and the earth becomes soft the trees' roots become loose and this may cause the tress to lean a bit, however when the storm is over and the ground hardens once more then the trees' roots are placed deeper and more comfortably in the earth then they were previously, thus helping the tree in the long run, plus the fact they now have a more abundant water supply that will last them through the worst of droughts. Thus, this is so with our lives as we are made stronger and are given abundant resources that will last throughout our lives, once going through a rough experience in life such as sickness, death or divorce and so forth.

Who exactly are the Angels used in the Apocalypse? Well they have a lot of different names throughout the world and it really depends on what faith system you're using, however they all are pretty much the same guys and serve the same purposes of creating or recreating either the earth and/or human lives through natural means. Do these Angelic Forces love us or hate us? In my opinion I would say hate belongs to we, the human race, as Angels know nothing of hate but they do know quiet a bit about healing and tough love in regards to the human spirit. What about love you say? Love belongs exclusively to the human being, concerning our definition of it any way. I would surmise that Primordial Divinity does love us in the way that you would love, let's say the way that your body regenerates new blood everyday that in turn keeps you feeling strong and active in life.

Of course as Jesus said: There are many halls in Heaven. Thus there are many levels to Divinity such as loved ones that have passed on before us; The Elemental Divinity; The Chaos Divinity; The spiritual Divinity; and The Semi Physical Divinity, again just to name a few. It would stand to reason that some forms of Divinity would be more inclined to interpret love much in the way that we do verses other types of the Divine. The master thing all of Divinity has in common I think is that we as human beings must be nurtured, taught and be led much as children are if we are to continue on as a race and if they are to absorb new and vital spiritual energy for perhaps their eternal existence. When the World is in tune with the Divine growth process,

then life is noticeably easier as has been noted down through our history. It has also been noted that at the height of our decadence and violence to one another life has been made extremely hard for us as a race. Why? Because we as the human family were rebelling against the natural force and laws of creations positive evolvement. When the Force Of Creation or Divinity looks upon a Society in revolt then it sees a cancer growing and thriving within it self and will respond to that detrimental revolt much like your body responds to the common cold. Your body sends out antibodies to confront the virus to either turn it into something beneficial for the body or to kill the virus if it can't be converted into a beneficial cell.

Divinity does pretty much the same thing in the way that it will send out Angels of teaching and learning first to make a person stronger mentally and spiritually then if this doesn't work they will tend to send out parts of it self that cause nasty little blocks such as some of the things mentioned above on this page in a effort to get us to Stop and listen to what's being said to us by the powers that be. They only wish us to turn our lives around and become beneficial to not only ourselves but others as well. We are all interconnected and what harms one does in fact harm all. What harms all on a mass scale then starts to harm Divinity as a whole. Whatever harms Divinity they will do away with. When a person defies the Divine, not so much in speech but in deed, then Divinity will deal with that person on a singular level using their environment against them.

When the World is openly defiant against the natural laws of Divinity then Divinity will deal with the World on a mass scale by turning the whole of nature against us. Think about this... Divinities physical manifestation consist of the air we breath, the water we drink or the fire or electricity we use and everything that comes from the earth be it natural or synthetic. Angels of Healing. prosperity and/nor chaos and death are used both universally and elementally to either work to our over all benefit or destruction. In closing I will just say that Divinity only seeks to move forward in a positive and constructive cycle all the while wishing to take us along with it for after all we are a part of it.

Jesus once stated brambles or dead branches are burnt in the fires of eternal death for they serve my father not. They serve Divinity Not. What is a Angel? An Angel is today's Savior and tomorrows Destroyer, as an Angel only does what a Angels told. The Angel stands before you even now with two bowls set on a table in front of this glorious blessed creature of the Divine. In one bowl shall it be filled with the blessings of ages and in the other bowl the curse of eternal death. You as the Human Soul set before the Angel with your free will to make choice as to what path you will walk or to which bowel you will choose. The Angel patiently stands before you and speaks: "Choose my child and receive your wish." What will you choose? Will you choose unending Death or Eternal Life?-------------------Jim

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