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Why do things happen such as divorce, breakup's, death, natural and man made disasters happen. Such as, "The World Trade Towers," in New York City, and the earthquakes that rocked China to its very core. They killed so many people. I don't really think that there is a simple explanation for these incidents. All that a person, like myself can do, is to totally speculate on these serious incidents. Perhaps ponder in ones own mind, for what rhyme or reason did these tragedies take place. If, in fact, there is a reason at all. Now I have, throughout my life, always wondered what roll Divinity had to play in all of these disasters, and again, if any.

If so, what roll did they play in the unfolding of these incidents? Or better than that, what reason would these actions serve, in the over all growth of the human race. I think, that to even attempt to half way explain this, in an intelligent manner, I would have to approach this topic from a finite level. A level of both, a scientific and a spiritualistic stand point combined, to get a reasonable answer for myself. Then, to try to give you a realistic explanation as to why these things occur from time to time in our World.

Lets start with the book of Genesis. Or more specifically, the story of Adam and Eve. We have the snake, who is an Angel of choice. First, we have the newly made couple, and secondly we have the tree of life, to which, wasn't to be touched by the couple. (LOL). Divinity knew, that this was too great of a temptation for the man and woman to pass up. That there was a very good chance, that they were going to go for the darn tree. In fact, they were counting on it.

But never the less, Divinity placed an Angel of choice there, just the same, to exercise their free will,saying: "surely you will not die if you eat of the fruit." You know how the rest story ends. Now, this was a bad choice obviously, wasn't it, by the couple? This left them open to a terrible retribution by Divinity, right? So, now the couple is in trouble. They are set fourth from the garden east of Eden. They were also labeled in that day, "outcast" by God. God placed a curse upon them that day, and said to the man: "you will work by the sweat of your brow, in the earth for its bounty." and to the woman he said, "you will suffer the pain of childbirth all the days of your life as the snake will crawl in the dust all the days of his life."

What does this story tell us people? I would think, that whenever a choice is given to us, and we make a wrong choice, through our own free will, then we would fall subject to the same retribution that Adam and Eve had the pleasure of falling subject to. However, we have more to get into these days, so there are different levels of punishments, of course,

in our lives. If you have a lawless nation, full of murder, greed, lust, and hatred, then Divinity will cause a war that will put that lawless nation to the sword. It is beaten-down into dust, and into un-remembrance, after a while, in the minds of all other nations, for all time. If you are two lawless nations, then Divinity will use one against the other to destroy them both. Destroy them by setting them against one another in the battlefield, to the death. If you have a world that has forgotten why we're here, and that Divinity rules our lives from above, below, and all around us, then we are all reminded, just how really small and fragile we are, by various natural and man made disasters.

If a man or woman is lawless in their lives, as they rebel against Heavens laws, then certain things are taken away from these rebel souls. Such as a marriages, Jobs, and even life itself, if that rebel soul continues in their blasphemes, against the Heavenly body of creation. This is done by merely ignoring the common laws of nature. Such as, treating your environment with disrespect, Or taking a life, that is not yours to take, no matter how much you think you have the right to do so. Or, moreover, to see starving people, to which you are connected, as brothers in your species of human being, and to do absolutely nothing to ease their pain.

You see, the world is really caught up in a very complex situation, at present. Because we are existing between living for ourselves, in our day to day lives in this dog eat dog world, where only the strong will survive, and the weak that die by the road side, and in serving a higher power to which we spend most of our time trying to convince ourselves and other people, that they just don't exist. Then, there are those of us that do believe in this higher power, but feel helpless, and just stand by and watch it all unfold. Because, we have a very hard time explaining to the skeptical public, the warning signs of the Celestial and Elemental Heavens.

This is the sole reason, that we are trying to relate to the world stories out of the bible, and other holy books, that were written for another audience entirely. Lets take the Bible in this case example. Which is explaining stories in a elementary fashion, to ancient peoples, and then, trying so hard to apply these simplistic stories of the Bible, to a very fast moving, poorly spiritually taught, modern day society. A society which tends to have more faith in technology, than they do in the Divine.

But, to put it into more realistic terms for our modern society, let me explain it like this, to everyone. Divinity is not chariots of fire, or not necessarily ten story Angels, standing at the four corners of any sea basin. They aren't, necessarily, pillars of wrath, standing at the gate way of the red sea,. Or, Demons ascending out of the pits of Hell, to take over the Earth by surprise attack. However, there are Angels of wrath, with a decree from the living force of creation, known by ten thousand names. They are here in force, walking among us in the forms of wars, pestilence, famine, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, shark attacks and other beastly attacks, divorces, breakup, illness, pain, fear, diseases, plagues, like the west Nile virus, and so many other forms of torment as well, just waiting to take their turn.

We see them every day, in a combined force fulfilling the prophecies, of so many prophets, from so many nations. These are the messengers of Divinity, of times long past, and present, passing the warnings along to anyone that will hear them, and would be saved from this domination of doom. [[ For there dwells in the lofty places of the Heavens, Angels with savage weaponry]] King James. So you see, Angels are aspects of Divinity. God, I think, is in the process of shutting our asses down, on a global scale, for our unyielding stance, and, the on going abominations and atrocities we perform to each other, and to our environment, on a dally basis.

As In the book of Genesis, it can also can be found, that God stated he was sorry that he ever created mankind. Because all of our works are evil, all the day long, and by night as well. This is what led up to the flood that was poured out over the Earth from Heaven, in an effort to cleanse the land, and that involved Noah's ship, ect. Again, we look at this story, and know that Divinity can get fed up with rebellious acts. Such as the use of nuclear weapons. Killing hundreds of thousands of people for the sake of a little oil. Or the boundary of a mountain range. Still yet, the killing of people because of their skin color, or because their faith might be a little different than our own ect.

A lot of people come to me, for many different reasons. Such as wealth, love, getting a love back, and so forth. Yes, I can try to give you guys these things, through prayer to our Creator in its many different aspects. But did you know, that I am not the only one that our Creator listens to? All of Divinity listens to you as well. All you have to do is be sincere in asking for a thing, and then make a little effort on improving yourself, inside, and out. Then they would be more than happy to consider, any request that you might have.

Here is another thing I'll bet you didn't know. Divinity loves you soooo much, and you are sooo special to them, that they will place people upon this Earth to help, and to guide you along, through all of life's hardships, no matter who you are, rich or poor. They have even given of themselves. As was the case with Jesus Christ, Mohammad, and Buddha, that left us with the legacy of their divine teachings. You know all is not lost. All we have to do, is try a little harder to right all the wrongs taking place in the world today. By standing up, and placing Divinity first. Then taking care of Our environment and families.

You know that you still have a choice, in my way of thinking. Because, I think, we can not only stop these apocalyptic events, but reverse them as well. Simply by doing the right thing, such as working at a marriage, instead of opting for a divorce so quickly. Think about who you are having sex with, and the ramifications of that act. If someone is hurting a small child, or animal, then STOP them from doing so. If you should witness a company dumping waste, or toxic matter into a stream, then STOP them. Don't come running to Divinity, just when something is wrong in your life. Be a friend to them, and include them in your life everyday.

Quit trying to always take the easy way out of things. Because that way might not always be the right way of doing things. As Jesus Christ once said "What is it to love someone that loves you? The task is to love someone that doesn't love you, Practice tolerance and peaceful action ect. Don't gain all the material things and make them your God, Because, you will surly lose your Soul as a result of that," and so fourth. And these are the ways, that we as a race, can turn back the hands of doom. Think about it, after all, it is food for thought. These are my thoughts on the matter, What do you think??.

Written by James Richard Morgan II

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