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Angel Orders Of Heaven

These are the "Fallen Angels", according to the Mother Church in Rome. Even though I believe some of them to be lesser Angels in the grand hierarchies of Heaven, I do not believe them to be excommunicated from the force of Creations Love, in all of its aspects of Goddess & God etc.

Most people have a general consensus that Satan is an all encompassing, dark and evil being, mind bent on destroying the whole of humanity. But, the truth of the matter is, Satan is really a whole order of chaos Angels, called "Satanicha." Other-wise known, as the first Angels of Creation. These Angels are used by the force of Creation: (God Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Goddess,) for change in one's life.) Change through chaos, for the betterment of one's Soul. Through the lessons learned, in the stressful situations that on Creations command, bring forth to you, and for the balancing of our Souls in temperament.

Now, I feel that I must warn any worker of the magical arts at this point, that before you even think about calling one of these Angels up, you better learn and know the nature of this spirit, and take precautions! PLEASE, don't be foolish! about this!! Because, they will come!!! And you will be the worse off for it, if you ignore this warning!!

All Angels, were created for one job, ad, they take pride in doing their jobs well . . . even the Dark Angels of destruction listed below. Again, please remember what their function is, before you try to serve them tea and cookies. In other words, know what their offering is, and know that a good many of them take a blood offering from the Priest's own body and from no other sources.

Satan-el -Sammael, Mastema-Vengeance, Beliel-lust, Azazel -Death, Beelzebub-War, Duma--Sickness, Gadrell--Death, Sier--Death, Samael-Poison, Mephistopheles-Chaos, Asmodeus-Violence. These are of the order of Dark Seraphim. Over the seven sins are : Mammon --Pride and Avarice. Satan--Anger Asmodeus--Lechery Beelzebub--Gluttony Belphegor --Sloth All of these Angels share these jobs, in one way or the other.


Abaddon Satan -- "Chief" --Apollyon angel of the bottomless pit. Gehenna Satan- "Prince" -his name means the black sun, the Serpent angel, his other name is Apollo.

Sammael Satan-- "Chief of Demons" --Poison and Death, known as the great Serpent with twelve wings and was said to be the one that tempted Eve. It is also said that Dogs will howl when Sammael flies over in the night .

Beliel-Satan-- "The ruling Prince of Sheol the Jewish hell," He is the Angel that keeps hell and was one of the first angels created after Beliel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. These are also Angels of Vengeance [[ Gospel of Bartholomew ]].

Beelzebub Satan-His rank is: "Lord of Souls and Lord of Flies." He is the Lord of Chaos and Chief over all Demons.

Azazel Satan--He is from the order of the"Watchers": "Chief of the Grigori Demons." He was the first Angel who voiced the question in Heaven, "Why should the sons of fire bow down to the sons of clay."

Mastema Satan--This is "The Angel of Animosity and Adversity." He is the tempter and executioner. It is said that he tried to take the life of Moses, through the Pharaoh's heart. He also slaughtered the first born of Egypt.


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