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"The Advanced Black Magic Protection Spell"

You and your love will be well protected from all negative influences that would attempt to interfere in your relationship. This spell works in the way that if anyone even thinks a ill thought about you the spell will throw that same ill wish that they had for you back on them in a flash ten fold, and if a person has carried out a fowl deed against you in the past then all you have to do is ask for justice against them and then watch the fireworks fly as you stand out of the way and watch your enemies fall.

This enchantment will cause you to be well liked by everyone you meet as well as giving the benefits of good health and wealth. This spell will help accelerate the other spells by making a smooth transition for the two of you uniting, and eliminating any worries for you and your special loved one of anyone or any type of situation that would hinder or interfere with your union together. This is necessary because in the disruption spell, certain angelic host will be called in order to cause a break up with your love and the other party she is involved with, and for your situation over all. Many times protection spells are ignored and this can cause problems with the other spells that get performed; protection is essential to protect your relationship with your love and your overall life.

"The Advanced Black Magic Disruption Spell"

This is the most advanced form of advanced disruption magick which causes as it says disruption, chaos and strife in a relationship. This operation is normally is geared to break down a subjects will via disrupting and removing their support systems such as finances, potential lovers, current lovers, family, job, financial and friend support that may be keeping them safe and comfortable or away from the client. Moreover this spell will effect the subjects health, sleep and mind set to further throw a targets current situation out of balance thus confusing and disorienting them in a once happy environment. This particular spell action can be implemented to fit a wide array of problems for instance like adding pressure on a person bring that person back while eliminating the interfering parties.

The effects of this spell can be modified to either cause long lasting and intense movement in either a harsh way environmentally or can be geared to move through a situation very unobtrusively but just as effective. It can also be tailored in structure for a specific duration of time set fourth by the client . The Disruption Spell is highly capable of causing many chaotic things to happen to a individual and has a success rate of 100% in any given case in order to literally drive the target back to the client. This is the spell that will safe guard her from getting involved with any other man other than you, and works in conjunction with the protection spell.

"The Advanced Black Magic Lover Return Spell"

This Spell working will begin to yield rapid results for a person, as soon as that persons information has been entered into the actual enchantment it self.

The recipient of this spell will also witness the on going progression of these real and factual results in their life partially at first, but then more and more as the spell nears its completion. This type of spell casting is highly personalized and tailored made for the client's specific situational needs.

The Lover Return Spell is the most advanced form of Black Magic known to mankind as it is geared to be fast acting and hard hitting. The Lover Return Spell will cause the target of this enchantment to think constantly about the client, such as how the target should return back to the client.

It would cause the target to think about all the good times they had with the client. It will cause the target to have an over whelming sexual desire (for the client), any and all other love interest to be cut of from the target, with the exception of the client of course.

This spell will cut off the general support system of the target that would be keeping the target from the client such as friends, family, employers and any other combative element in order to drive the person back to the client.

It would cause the target to dream good dreams about the client and invoke the target to open back up communication with the client because of great dissatisfaction they will have with their current environment. It will set up the target to run into the client in a attempt to reunite both parties and so forth... This enchantment takes seven days for the preparation of the casting, and usually in most cases depending on the situation, three weeks or sometimes even less time for its full manifestation

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