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Making Contact

If Your Considering Having A Spell Performed Here Is What You'll Need.

Imprints: These are things like pictures, hair, writing samples etc. from anyone involved. These are used to both imprint or place in the wax doll effigies for effect and to connect to your situation. If you don't have any Imprints then not to worry as we can work through yours.

Letter Of Request: This is a the HAND WRITTEN letter to Divinity stating what you hoped to obtain from the spell work. This letter is sealed and is not opened or read by myself or anyone else as it is a communication between yourself and the Divine. This letter is yielded up in the rite it self and sent In with your package.

Situational History: This is The Email that you would send us explaining your entire situation. This email would include your special instructions concerning what you would like to see happen a result of the spell. This enables us to research the angels needed to invoke in your spell to help you attain your wishes. Th

Please visit us at : Please Contact Us At : Give Us A Call At : 1- 208-714-4348

Sense we live in a Mountainous Region please pay attention to this Mailing information below to ensure prompt delivery of your packages to us. If you have any questions or arn't sure about when or where to send your package to please give us a call and ask as it's better to be safe then sorry.

From: (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August) Please send All packages via: U.P.S., Fed-Ex., D.H.L., or U.S.P.S. EXPRESS Two Day Delivery to: (246 Apsaroke Trail Tetonia Idaho 83452). Please (Waive All Signatures) to ensure that they leave your packages for us at our home address.

Starting Winter Months Are From: (September, October, November, December) Please send your packages Via U.S.P.S EXPRESS Two Day Delivery to: PO Box 712 Driggs Idaho 83422. We have allot of DEEP Snow on the ground during these months and are inaccessible for the most part. In other words the trucks can't get through the snow to us.

We wish you Light And Blessings and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348n Spells protection spells

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