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Dragon Spells tends to mix various styles of magical art in both the hand drafting of the master prayers that direct these ultimate castings towards a specific goal as well as in the actual performing of these very advanced ritualistic operations. I'm going to give you a few examples here just to convey an idea to you of what's involved in a given spell action performed by ourselves for our Clients. Let's look at our main tool known as Alchemy for instance: Alchemy is the gathering up of certain items that are then to be mixed with other essential items in a effort to pull the influences of a certain planet to us, such as Venus. To achieve this the Alchemist would propagate such things as herbs, stones and metals into the rite that have in fact for many years been associated with this planet over time.

These components gathered possess the very essence of a given planet or star system as millions of years ago when our Galaxy was being formed, mutable explosions had occurred and thus distributed pieces or daubery from these stars, planets and meteors all over the Cosmos. Some of these pieces fell to earth and lay dormant over eons until some of our both magically inclined and astute ancestors had the good sense and the foresight to associate this raw astral materials with potential for magical application. Thus they begin using these ancient resources in the magical operations of that day that has continued on down to now. When the Alchemist would lay these items out in a certain sequence upon the ground or would toss them into the sea or fire depending on what they were doing at the time, this would simulate a certain energy that the planet it self was emitting at the time, thus pulling that influence of that planet to them or linking them up to that particular planetary energy.

To furthermore give you a better example concerning the art of Alchemy lets take about a small love spell, for instance, and what would be used in this particular operation... A person could use a piece of Rose Cortez, Tigers Eye, Malikia and a Blood Stone in conjunction with Rose petals, Apple peals and Moonwort. These things could go on to be mixed with Gold and Silver to which belong to the influences of the Sun and Moon. All Together all these components would be needed to achieve a Venus type alchemic mixture thus pulling or drawing the energy of Venus to you.

Then the person would have to look at the calendar or Farmers Almanac to see on what night the full moon fell on. The next step would be that the person would have to line up the day and time of Venus with the full moon of that month to achieve the success concerning that of a love spell, plus obtain the planetary sign and seal of the Planet Venus not to mention the Angelic signatures that are accosted with this planet. The day of the Moon is Monday and the day of the Sun is Sunday incidentally. Now of course there are easier ways of achieving this goal and getting around the specified planetary days and times however if I told you this you wouldn't need me LOL. So now we've briefly covered the use of alchemy in it metal, herbal and stone forms. One can also move on to use and mix biological alchemy in conjunction with the various forms above.

Lets move on to Spell Writing... Drafting the Spell front page and Doll making. When we draft the spell page and or begin to actually write up the spell it self we will write it up in what's known as dead languages along with the alphabets these languages consist of. What we're doing here in fact is to prescribe to a more ancient form of prayer casting that tends to bring much stronger and faster results for the Clients and ourselves. We write a spell up in this way for numerous reasons as well, however the first and foremost reason would be to address or invoke into our service some of the most ancient and powerful Angelic forms ever known to humanity that are in fact pulled from just about every faith system in both the modern day and ancient worlds.

By writing up the spells in this way it is our sole intent and goal to speak to the many Angelic forms in their native languages and thus this to ensure a better level of communication that relays with a clarity our wishes while at the same time leaving very little to no room for misinterpretation by any part of a Divinity that we may be working with at the time. Usually the prayers will consist of the Hebrew, Angelic, Celtic, English and Elfish alphabets, just to name a few. The spell drafting's tend to consist of planetary signs, seals, sigils as well as angelic signatures, angelic names plus the signs & signatures of both the Universal and Elemental forces and so forth. The doll effigies of each person involved within a particular situation are hand sculpted while the wax is still very hot thus allowing us to endow these dolls with lifelike features not to mention shaping them into a desired position to our liking.

After the doll is created and then consist of the desired size and shape desired we then scribe the proper planetary and angelic marks into the doll while at the same time placing the Recipients imprint such as a piece of jewelry or lock of hair into the back or chest of the doll thus turning this doll into what we like to call a living counterpart of the subject. The dolls are then consecrated and wrapped and are ready to use in a given rite. Of course there are many other steps to this process as this outline is a very vague concerning this over all process however please remember our goal here is to just yield to you the viewer a small glimpse into this entire process to give you a give some idea as to what's involved here. The full process in it's entirety when carried out properly can and would be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

Each task used in the creating of a spell action, such as the creating of the dolls. Using ancient alphabets. Drafting up of angelic and astrological charts. The practicing of various types of alchemy. Utilizing the arts of candle and mirror magic's not to mention the usage of angelic signatures, signs and seals in themselves or used seperatly would'nt be enough for the sole reason that they wouldn't generate enough power to drive the spell home to its full manifestation. This is why most people in the magical field really consider different styles of magick to be either low black, gray or white magic depending on the intent of the caster of a given operation.

However on the other hand when a person uses all of these magical tools in conjunction to one another and were used simultaneously in a rite to achieve a certain goal then this increases the strength of the over all casting project by 100 fold. Combining magical componets such as the ones listed above is why our spell castings are considered by many to be the most advanced black magick spell casting operations in the world. Concerning each one of these specific disciplines listed above and extensively used in magical practice. To put it in short for you not everyone has the time or resource to sit down and learn these particular art forms frontward and backwards and thus a good many Practitioners out there will tend specialize in one or two of these art forms generally and are happy with that. This is ok in my opinion as a couple of these art forms within themselves will address many situations for not only themselves but for others as well.

However when it comes to rather complex situations be it in matters of love, money and so forth lesser magical operations can fall short of the goals and this is where Dragon Spells comes in. Dragon Spells specializes in the numerous fields of magic such as the certain magical practices as listed above in previous paragraphs not to mention the many more areas not listed on this page. You see, you can learn much and become very proficient in a time span of 28 years as is the case with myself. My education at 15 began with the learning of endless philosophies leading up to endless hours of Soul searching all the while greatly compelled to become closer to what I now call Divinity and by the age of 18 I was I was all ready fed up with the church and contemplating magical practice as organized religion was getting me no place. It just didn't have the answers that I was seeking as I was trying to make sense of a world gone mad. I've had my ups and downs with Divinity through the years however through the course of 28 years I've learned so much and have become inadvertently a master of the magical arts as I found myself mastering one field of magic right after the other... I'm still learning to this very day and I really don't think the learning ever stops lol.

However we have learned here at Dragon Spells over the years that it takes more then just the various styles of advanced magical art and the components therein as it also takes Client SUPPORT. This is vital service to the Client as it really goes hand in hand with any given magical operation that we offer for the sole reason that we must guide the Client through Divinities criteria. If a person isn't aware of what Divinity is asking of them in return for the a granted wish or dream then basically a persons prayers are falling upon deaf ears for a time. This criteria is the essential key to the success of a casting action. Now what kind of SUPPORT is he talking about you might be wondering to yourself at this point in time?. We offer such wonderful tools for spell success to the Client such as our Spiritual Counseling, Crisis Hotline. The Negativity Releasing. These keys for success come with any spell that we perform for the Client

Its been said that Dragon Spells is a one of a kind site as It's not only unique for its Spiritual Concepts and Services offered to the public but in the way of our Advanced forms of magical practice and Commitment towards our Clients and Friends as well. I hope this not so brief summary of Dragon Spells has shed some light into what we're about here. We believe that enlightenment leads to knowledge held and knowledge held leads to eternal wisdom thus leading one in the end to self-empowerment over any circumstance in life. Please come in... Take a look around and if we can be of any assistance to you please let us know and we'll be more then happy to address any questions or concerns that you might have in regards to the site, ourselves or concerning the casting services that we provide.

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