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Accepting Responsibility:Preliminary Preparation For The Spell Criteria.

Below are some things that you should know before entering into this spell process. Often times it's said that what you don't know can't hurt you but this couldn't be further from the truth especially in this instance. What you don't know could program you for failure or out right disaster. Below in the following paragraphs listed from 1 to 21 are some examples and explanations of why a Client shouldn't come into any given spell process and moreover how they should conduct themselves once they are engaged in a spell process such as the one we offer.

This following page also yields warnings to prevent potential Clients with a certain and unchangeable mindset from coming in for spell work as we would like to avoid failed cases in short. We are attempting to screen our spell inquires down to people that can remain positive and focused. Who can remain positive while earnestly working towards their goals with us in achieving spell success in the end. At the bottom of this page you will see a heading of : SPELL CRITERIA. KEYS TO SUCCESS. This 1 through 8. Please follow these suggested links and carefully read the subject matter on these pages as this information will prove to be invaluable to you down the road.

A good many if not all of our current Clients have no trouble in listening to our advice while following simple instructions not to mention staying within the boundaries of the spell criteria however we do have problems with some in very rare instances from time to time. We would love to have everyone for a Client however this is a unrealistic goal in the way that not everyone that comes in or approaches us for spell work is ready to step up to the plate by working hard in achieving their dreams. And thus this is why this page has been posted in a effort to weed out the un-dedicated or light of heart. It is my deepest and most sincere hope and wish that you the reader of this page isn't afflicted with any of these issues below. If you are then may we wish you the strength to over come these things so that you to can become a happy and successful person in the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of people we've all ready helped back on to the road to success.

The Below Issues Could Harm Your Case -- Be Aware !

(1)- A Client with progressive psychological problems that prevents that person in question in both understanding or even following the basic spell criteria instructions that will help ensure spell success. As far as were concerned a person like this doesn't even need to be on the open air ways without some kind of supervision not to mention entering into any kind of contract or spell process with us. Further more we Are Not Clinical Psychiatrists and do not practice at anytime the discipline of psychological therapy. Moreover we quickly and routinely refer individuals of this mind set to the proper people who can help them as these physiological issues are beyond our scope entirely. When we openly and clearly post the spell criteria on the sites it's assumed by ourselves that the general public can clearly understand and or comprehend this spell out line. We furthermore are there to clear up any lagging questions or concerns they might have long Before they enter therein to any prescribed spell criteria. We are Spell Casters that provide a service of Spell casting. Spiritual Counseling and a 24 /7 Crisis Hot Line.

(2)- What is Spiritual Counseling and Crisis Hot Line? Spiritual Counseling is simply maintained by down to earth people such as Jan myself who offer you the inside knowledge of not only our lives but magical experience as well. This service provides you with the inside knowledge and wisdom of staying within the spell criteria and thus through this ensuring the best chances for your spell success. This service also provides you with a friend who can guide you through every step of the spell process from start to finish and who often times stays with you long after the spell process is completed. Crisis Hot Line. This service is in place round the clock in the event that the Client is confronted with a situational event that they aren't quite sure how to handle themselves.

We offer our opinion and or advice concerning handling of this event to the benefit of the Client. Jan and I maintain the hot line. This service IS NOT to be used for general questions or concerns or to just have someone to vent to. The service in question is only to be used in events that need Immediate action on the Clients part. What consider to be abusive behavior of these services in question: (A)- Not listening to advice given or going against advice rendered. (B)- Calling and writing in without specific grounds to do so. (C)- Intentionally Sabotaging a situation and or performing acts that will harm your over all spell progression..

(3)- Calling and writing while asking the same questions over and over in a repeddive manner. (A)- Going against our spell advice to the detriment of your over all case. (B)- Asking questions of little or no substance for the purposes of just having someone to speak with. Again, We Are Not Clinical Psychiatrists. We are not capable of screwing your head on for you. This is something you must do before entering into this process however we can show you new ways of doing things that will ensure your happiness in life. We can explain what Divinity would like from you in the way of spiritual evolution in order that you might have your spell granted by them. We can be a friend and a guide to you that will be highly instrumental in placing you back on the road to success. In short use your common sense here and stay out of trouble. You know what's a serious matter and what isn't more so then we when it comes to your situation.

(4)- An Individual that misrepusents the facts or lies about their situational circumstance in a effort to contract a spell performed either for themselves or against another unjustifiably. We Will Not Tolerate this in the slightest regard. If we catch you doing this your case will be dropped immediately without refund. Moreover your case folder and the information therein will be specially noted for future reference. This information will be made open to any other sister site companies that request it of us. Their are repercussions for this type of behavior. We don't like our time being wasted in this way and we dam sure dislike performing unjustified spells as it offends Divinity. Special Note: Divinity knows the real facts about a case.

(5)- A person that is extremely obsessive in the way that they continue to excessively call or write in to us numerous times over a extended period of time exceeding what we consider to be a normal inquiry time regarding the same subject matter etc. This also covers the previously mentioned services of Spiritual Counseling. Crisis Hot Line and General Inquiry time listed above. I will start off by saying: Yes, We are here to address any and all pertinent questions that the Client may have however we will only address the same questions once or twice and will not answer these questions again past this point. We are here to assist in spell emergency type situations through our services of spiritual counseling and crisis hot line offered under our spell casting policies however we will NOT take actual 911 Emergency Calls nor do we handle deep seeded psychological matters regarding a persons under pre-existing professional psychological treatment.

These need to be addressed by the proper and qualified Authorities in that field of endeavor. We are here to assist you in the way of handling your spell situational problems based on our own personal case experience and magical advice only. We can guide you through the spell criteria however we can't force a Client into following our instructions. We are Not Marriage Counselors however our advice can be deemed good common sense that works to a persons benefit. We are not here to simply shoot the breeze with while speaking on un-spell related matters. We love speaking with our Clients however we understand that th Client needs to release their spell by not thinking about it everyday. They can't do this by speaking with us on a daily basis.

(6)- A Client that fails to listen to instructions. consider or follow the advice given and who goes on to intentionally sabotage their spell casting for whatever reason. This is totally unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated to any degree. If we catch a Client doing this at any point on through the process they will be dropped period without refund. Our spell actions aren't a game and do have real life repercussions so pay attention to the rules and instructions given as there in place to ensure the Clients success.

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