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A Dedication To The Cheyenne. Sioux & Crow Nations

Cheyenne Nation people of the Morningstar. Warrior Nation who's noble bloodline stretches back beyond the stars. Nation of the Ghost Dancer and seasonal circle dance. Mystical Ancestor Spirits atop the mountains still they dance.

Strong and proud as the Timber Wolf among the forest and trees visions of the Bear clan do I still hear and see. Nation of the Buffalo hunt around the Spirit Wheel dancing . Against the tides of change on horses your nobal Braves are prancing.

Great Shaman of the mountains and planes now a memory to most. Deep in the quiet and still forest do I see the ghostly host. Dancing this way and that to the hoop dance with beating drums. Chanting sound to the spirits singing them in and found.

The Singing becomes louder and louder the older I become visions of past full circle I've come. For this is the old way of the Cheyenne Nation so brave the stories of their Ancestors and the Mothers ways they save.

30 Years have past now a Warrior Nation's story has faded with the passage of years but I can't forget the names of family and friends in this lost time of happiness and tears. Cheyenne Nation the Raven remembers your ways and just know that your in my mind. spirit and heart to the end of days.

Thank You for Saving A lost and abandon kid . A child Starving. Alone. Cold and wondering in the darkness without direction. Thank you for teaching me your ancient and holy ways. Thank You for over coming your fear and opening your hearts and homes up to me so long ago.

Divinity comes to us not only in the form of the White Buffalo but in the way of a half dead child as well. (You had the wisdom to know this). May the Great Spirit Of Creation bless and keep you All in all your ways Native People of the Old Ways.

In Dedication To: Deceased: Chief J. Killsontop Deceased: Rose Killsontop Deceased: Nancy Killsontop Jimmy Killsontop Lavern Killsontop Gangster Killsontop Cindy Yellow Feather Daniel Yellow Feather Remember Where We All Came From. Remember Those Less Fortunate Then Ourselves And Give Generously of yourselves. After All It's The Right Thing To Do. Agreed? Jim Morgan

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