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Welcome to Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye.  This site is a collaboration and or a combination of our two previous sites being "Blood Love & Lust Spells" and "Dragon Spells" that went on to serve the public prospectively for thirteen to fourteen years on the Internet that moreover remained in good standing with our business professionally and our clientele throughout this span of time with no complaints against us from the public. We welcome everyone from all over the globe to our wonderful websites and extend our warmest invitation to write in to us at or call us on our business line of 208-714-4348. 
Dragon Spells, like Blood Love And Lust Spells were and are built on the principals of hard work, honesty, loyalty, and in addition, having a long standing policy with both sites of full customer satisfaction, we believe it is the client that make the business and not the other way around. In short, happy clients make the world go around as far as we're concerned. 
Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye is unlike any other web site that you've been to or will perhaps ever see on or off the net as it offers the client a number of specialized magical services that are simply geared for a client's FAST case success, we will touch on these customized services such as our one on one Spiritual Advisory service, our offered hand drafted Spell Charts, Free Re-Casts if needed, and Reiki Energy distance healing just to name a few things further down in the following paragraphs below. Please allow me first of all to give you some background on Jan and then myself before we go on just to illustrate that you really are in good magical hands here at Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye . 
Enchantress Janhett T . Windglows is a 40 year plus veteran of the advanced black and white magical arts who specializes in a wide array of high magical activities such as magickal doll craft, spell writing, high herbal and metallic alchemies, numerology and astrology just to touch on a few things. In addition, Jan is highly proficient in the constructing of many types of dolls for specific purposes in magical practice however she mainly specializes in wax, herbal and cloth dolls that she routinely incorporates into her diverse magical settings be they in rites using the systems of Enochian Magick, Voodoo Magic, Celtic Dragon Majick or lastly in spells using the dread Necronomicon book of shadows. 
 Enchantress Windglows exceeds in the magical arts, and is widely known as a master spell writer who uses a vast multitude of ancient alphabets that give her spell castings immense magical power especially when she combines these magical alphabets of Angelic, Hebrew, Celtic Runic, and some forbidden out of circulation magickal alphabets that cannot be named or mentioned due to their sacred natures; along with the Reiki Energy that she incorporates into her magickal works that greatly enhance the body, mind, spirit, and environment for the client. 

Jan is a Reiki Master Teacher and Feng Shui Master that also offers lessons on occasion in this field of endeavor should you be interested in these types of things, or simply desire to expand your esoteric knowledge of these particular subjects. Jan is also well versed in the Aurevedic lifestyle, holistic healings, Blue Crystal Reiki, and has been attuned at the highest levels of Reiki by many world renowned Reiki and Feng Shui Masters alike.

Jan has so much to offer in the way of her spell services not to mention, Jan is by far the most magically knowledgeable and gifted person that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not only this, but as you will soon find out should you drop her a phone call or email, Jan is one of the nicest, kindest and understanding people you will ever know hands down. Judgment is not in her vocabulary and she's about as free as a spirit can be.

Not only is Enchantress Windglows a kind and magically gifted person, but a down to earth individual as well; she is very easy in speaking with day or night regarding any problem be it large or small. The bottom line here is in that she CARES about her clients and the progression of their cases that will moreover utilize every facet of her vast magical knowledge and skill in the resolution of any case given to her. I have never known Jan to "give up" on a client or disrespect them in any way; Miss Windglows stays with all of her clients until they are completely satisfied with their spell results and are fully happy in life with the outcome of their spell work. 
 My name is James R. Morgan II otherwise known on and off the Internet as Master Wizard Morgan; I've been practicing the white and black magical arts since the age of 18. I am now 54 years of age, which gives me 30 years in the Advanced High Magickal Arts. I specialize in advanced Egyptian doll craft, herbal and wax doll craft for the most part, and in some instances, clay doll craft. 
 I am proficient in the most powerful forms of higher metal alchemies, herbal alchemies, and precious stone alchemies. I work most of the time with both Elemental and Universal polarities and Universal and Earth magic. I also specialize in hex and pentagram rituals dealing with curses, curse removals, death spells and death spell removals, healing, finances, court cases and love spells.  
I am considered to be a Master spell writer that moreover also works in the ancient alphabets of Magi, Hebrew, Runic Celtic, Theban, Coptic, Cipher and Angelic. I specialize in Angelic signatures, Planetary signs, seals and Alchemical sigils, I spend most of my time searching the more dusty and or ancient forms of magical practice stemming back to ancient Mesopotamia, Babylonian and the Old Testament of the Bible .

I study and practice the darker or more forbidden styles of magical art dealing with protection spells, defense spells, death spell castings not really executed in the current forms of the black magic arts and thus I find myself routinely categorized as a "Warlock" however, I don't like this title very much nor the title of "witch",so kindly please never address me so, should we ever speak. I am also a numerologist, astrologist, alchemist, and specialize in hand drafted spell charts and planetary star chart offering plates.

Jan and I are both well versed in the philosophies of the great Masters of Aleister Crowley, Dr. John Dee, Jonas Faustus, Henry Cornelius Agrippa and many more of the Great Masters Of Magick from times past; and continually find ourselves following certain theories clearly laid out and outlined for us in such texts as the Golden Dawn, The Black Pullet, The Heptameron, The Greater And Lesser Keys Of King Solomon, The Ancient Books of Moses, and other more obscure high black magickal literary works. 
Jan and I have been working together on all the spell castings coming into "Blood Love And Lust Spells" for five years now while utilizing our combined 60 years of magical experience and skills; and thus, this has resulted in very quick spell manifestation times of three weeks or less as Jan's testimonials will reflect should you like to read through them. Please don't miss the spell previews as this will give you a better idea of what's included in the preparation of our highly personalized or customized very powerful spell casting rituals. 
Jan and myself are very much on the same wave link in the way that we both love and serve Divinity above all else, even if this means placing them before our own personal love relationship, and or our over all lives. We both love Divinity more then life its self, and have vowed in essence to be Their messengers as They, meaning Divinity, have blessed and given us so much in our lives spiritually. Enchantress Windglows and I have sacrificed and suffered the pain of twenty lifetimes all rolled into two separate lives in getting to the place to where we now stand in life, how can one assist others in their problematic situations unless they have been through these same problems themselves? 
 We believe and maintain that Divinity was actually grooming us all throughout our lives so that we could actually stand in a place one day where other Practitioners of magick spells could not follow. Enchantress Jan and myself work very proficiently together while combining our vast magical knowledge and skills into our beloved work as every magick spell or task is more then just work to be done, it's a labor of love so to speak. 

To put it another way, it's not about the money for us so much as it's about serving Divinity and our clients while making a meager living for ourselves. You've heard a very little bit about Jan and myself on this page, however, there's much much more to us and our wonderful web sites. If you would like to know more about us, or have specific questions and concerns about either of our web sites, then we would immensely enjoy speaking with you in person to address any questions that you may have. We are real people who enjoy serving real folks just like you. 
With all this said and aside, please let me take this opportunity to elaborate a bit more on how our spells are created, and or what's involved in them just to give you some perspective between the types of spells that other sites cast and the fast acting spell castings or advanced rituals that we perform on a daily basis. Let me say that Enchantress Jan and myself take great pride in our spell creation craftsmanship by firstly creating the wax or herbal dolls by hand in the likeness of all concerned.
This is a important step as this is our magical link to either the client or the target of the spell work.
Upon forming the wax doll or shaping the cloth effigy, we place a imprint and or something from the person involved into the chest of the doll and thus this in essence makes the doll a real and living counter part of that real life target or client. Upon completing this, we then move on to inscribe several angelic signatures or angel names into the doll, and thus making it a sacred and holy object so that it can in turn do our will to which is you the client's most desired wishes. Lastly, we consecrate the doll or dolls so that they can be entered into the spell casting ritual.....


During the creation of the effigy doll or dolls, either Jan or I start the creation process in the drafting out of the actual spell chart itself. This spell chart is important for many reasons as it serves an array of many different functions throughout the spell such as the opening page for the spell. The spell chart will contain many angelic seals, planetary sigils and names as you can see should you observe one of the spell pictures up on the site scribed and or drafted on virgin parchment paper.

This spell chart is in all actuality a Divine offering plate to which is in essence serves in the invoking of hundreds or hundreds and thousands of Angelic Host or Angels for a specific purpose.  The next function of the spell chart after the drafting and calling is the blood offering from ourselves spilled out onto the planetary star chart itself as payment to the Divine host for any spells granted. Lastly, the chart itself is a one of a kind work of art that is burnt during the rite as a gift and never to be seen again except for sending the client the picture of their spell.

 The spell chart is often times offered up along with the doll effigies and in addition the herbs, metals and stones we might be working with at the time to draw down a certain planetary influence. Everything in the spell is placed into the fire including the pens, extra parchment and other items used to create the spell work so that these specific items can't be used for anything else in the future and or for lesser purposes. In other words, once something is introduced into a spell work, it becomes holy and must be burnt to avoid being tarnished by human hands in the future at any point.  

This includes any leftover candles, imprints, incense, bowls, parchment paper, pens, inks, dolls, table or altar cloths etc. The writing up of the spell itself is a rather trying and most tedious task that involves a lot of concentration or focus as this is the business part of the spell; not that it's any more or less important then the other steps of the spells creation however this is where were giving out the instructions for a persons situation to the Angelic Host. In short, this part of the spell can and does often times determine to if a persons spell is going to work or not, or in what way the spell will actually progress in a persons life.

The spells are many times long and tedious works of art in themselves that are moreover intertwined with signatures, racks or Names of God, and specific planet rotations coupled with the fact that were writing in several very ancient alphabets. In other words, one slip can turn an "A" into a "U"; and thus mean something entirely different than what we are meaning to relay to Divinity lol. So, in essence, we have a very long scroll measuring typically anywhere from ten to 13 feet long with a lot of complicated things going on in the middle of it all. 

The spells usually take around a week or two to create and can exceed three hours in the performing of them depending on what that particular spell casting is addressing however many times is the case that a client will actually see ongoing or progressive spell results even before the spell has been fully created. In some cases, our clients will see full spell manifestation in their lives before the spell has even been cast just so you know. I attribute these fast spell results to our over all relationship to Divinity along with our combined magical knowledge and skill of magick spell casting. 

Please permit me to continue by yielding some information concerning the types of spells that we can actually perform for you; also let me remind you that all these spells are all tailor made and or designed for a client's specific needs, wants, and wishes; as no two spells are alike and thus, this is where your free consultation comes in by simply calling or writing in to us with your situational history. 

In short, your situational history is telling us what's going on in your life, and how and where you would like to change a particular life circumstance. By sending us in your situational history, this will allow us to evaluate your situation or particular set of circumstances that will in turn permit us in either finding or placing together the best spell or spell package that will work very powerfully and very quickly for you. 


Our Specialties In Spell Casting Rituals; The Most Requested Spell Actions From The Public Are: 

Love Spells: Find a Soul Mate spell, Love Retrieval spell, Marriage Mending love ritual, Save a Marriage spell casting, Stop a Divorce casting, Healing love relationship ritual, Protection of a Gay relationship spell, Healing gay relationship rituals, Love Protection spells, Creating a straight love relationship, Love Protection and bindings ritual, Spells for Binding a Love, Love Forgiveness spells, Love enhancement ritualistic castings, Eternal Love Spells, Sexual enhancement magick or magic spell castings, psychic spell casters, psychic readers, spell casting psychic readings, psychic tarot spells, runic spell casting, castings with runes, reiki healings, reiki distance healing, reiki energy power, clearing negative energies, clear your finances with reiki energy, reiki fire, black chaos magick spells, black voodoo rituals, palome voodoo curse, palo myombe black voodoo curses, marie laveau love spells,

Fertility castings, Spells rituals for conception and Pregnancy, Love Binding for same sex marriages ritual, Gender transformation casting, Emergency spells for love, Fast acting over night love and relationship spell rituals, Reuniting love spells, Guaranteed lover return spell results, Advanced black magick spells for love and marriage, Kindle a love affair ritual. Love, Lust and Sex spells. white magick love ritual, spells to curse, remove a curse, magical spells, real love spells, real spells for money, advanced spell curses, strong curse, throw a curse, mind bending spells and rituals, learning spells, learning spell rituals, teaching spell casting, magical combat, war spells, spells against slander, Spells for gossip, avoid foreclosure, avoiding bankruptcy, debt consolation, job directory, find a job, job search, searching for good jobs, temporary job services, temporary employment services, spell services for employment, casting a employment spell ritual, losing my home,

Protection spells for: Health & Restful Sleep casting, Finances protection spell, Love Relationship protection ritual, Protection casting for a Marriage, Protection against Divorce Rite, Protection in Custody cases, Legal protection spells, Safety Protection spells for Children and Pets, Work place Protection rituals, Spells protecting health and well being, Protection spells against spiritual intrusion, Protection spells against curses, hex's and jinx spells, Anti Enemy protection spells, Protection spell against bad Bosses or companies….


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Elemental Hexing & Curse Spells for: Financial cursing, Business curses, Home & family curses, Jinx a Bad Neighbor hex curse, Curses for bad Health and dreams, Forever without Love curses, Curses for that Other man or woman hex's, Hexes to cause a bad Marriage, Curses to cause a terrible Divorce, Boss curse or hex castings, Spells to break up a marriage, Rituals to break up a Love relationship, Curse for bad landlords, Curses for sickness or illness, Employment curse rituals, Curse a Marital Intruder.
Stop a unwanted or wanted Pregnancy death ritual, Breaking up a gay relationship or marriage, Block a relationship heartbreaker spell, Hex spells for Stopping a straight love relationship, Curses to stop an affair, strongest fast acting Black magic, magick spells to harm, Advanced black magick curse spell castings that work fast to cause a death, Gossiping curse, Love betrayal hex spells, Sex curse, Curse spells for Ex's, mother and father in law spells, Friendship curses, General Fastest acting spells to torment, Curses to rid one of unwanted love, Eating & drinking disorders curse.losing a job, car repossession, avoid financial struggle, casting a spell, ritual castings, return to me love spell, buying a home, purchasing a house, buying a car, need a car, home reality, land management service, rent a house, rent a home, renting a home, government auctions, bank closers, money loans, home finance, financing a automobile, vacation rentals, vacation rentals, rent a car, sales, clearing house sales......
Financial Rituals Are such things as for example, Good Business spells, General Financial castings, Money spells, Lotto spells, Employment or job rituals, Wind fall spell castings, Gambling ritual, Job promotion castings, Spell casting for raises, Job spells, Credit repair rituals, Business saving spells, Gaining a Credit card casting, Build Me A Better Business rituals, Bankruptcy castings, Opening a new Business spell casting ritual, Loan spell for small business. College or going back to school money loans.
As you the viewer or perspective client of this page can clearly see, we are in fact spell casting specialists and spell casting professionals who cover a wide and diverse range of spell casting areas as life is a rather complex thing, isn't it? As I've stated before in the previous paragraphs above, all these spells are customized and or tailor made to a clients situational needs, wants and wishes and thus a potential or a client on record can pick from a diverse array of spell casting activities and put their own spell together in essence.

This is a unique thing in its self as you can only get what other spell casting sites give you for the most part, however here again, it's not like that and you can call the shots concerning what is included in your spell casting and what's not present, spell casting rituals are as different and or diverse as the people coming in for the spell work and thus a generalized spell ritual just won't do.
 One on one spell advice: Many times spell clients will pick up spell work with a particular spell casting site without really knowing the game plan such as what they can expect from their spell casting or the spell caster for that matter, they moreover wonder what is expected from them in the way of positive behavior that in turn causes their spell action to work fast and stay strong throughout their ongoing situations. Numerous spell casting sites on the net will receive the spell fee then consider their work complete and thus leaving the spell client in the dark concerning what's going on with their spell casting ritual. 
 In essence, the client pays out their hard earned money, and then is left on their own and or to their own devices to which isn't a good thing to have occurring at all. Usually a spell client is left feeling somewhat abandoned in the end or ripped off to some extent, moreover prompts the client to try web site after web site in the hopes of finding a casting services that actually works. Well, this isn't the case with this site as Jan and I have been in this business for a long time and we know what a spell process entails for successful spell results.
 Firstly, we inform and or educate the potential or current spell client by addressing any and all questions ab financial services, best bank loans, home loans, second mortgages, mortgage loans, get a loan, get a credit card, credit card services, adorable homes for rent, personal loans, check advance service, repossession, raw land sales, property sales, legal services, affordable attorney firms, law offices, buying forecloses, foreclose sale, government foreclosure sales, financial advisers, financial adviser service, low cost morgues, home equity sale, cheep homes for sale, car and truck sales, first time buyer sale, air fair wars, affordable vacations, searching for a high paying job, searching for a job, job markets, low down payments, special loan offers, special home loans, build a home, foreclosed properties, free tarot readings, reiki energy, healing energy, spells to heal, start my own business, not to mention addressing their spell questions or concerns; we take the time to make sure everyone is on the same page as like the client we don't like surprises hitting us down the road either. We explain in depth how a particular spell casting or castings is going to work and what they client can expect in the way of spell results, we review their emailed situational history to see exactly what is needed spell wise for their set of circumstances. 
 We then look through our spell casting rituals and customize a one of a kind spell casting just for them that will in turn be a fast acting or fastest acting spell for their situation. A spell or spell package quote is sent back to the potential client via email for their review, and then we stand ready for their response; only the client knows their situation the best and what is needed in a particular scenario and thus we are open to spell modifications and or spell suggestions coming back from the potential client. Should the potential client find the spell quote acceptable then preparations are made for the incoming case a a spot is reserved for them on the spell docket, The client is then instructed regarding what is needed concerning vital components needed for their spell that are typically sent in with the payment for the spell work.
 At this point the one on one advice begins, as we begin to advise the client on what needs to occur on their part, a effort of damage control is made on our parts so to speak; while we are waiting to receive the client's spell package, upon receiving the client's package we then start the spell work immediately while continuing to navigate the client on through their difficulties. We notify the spell client of the progression of their work and then again notify them of the spells completion. The one on one advisory services continues from the beginning of the spell casting operation on through to the spell completion and long afterwards as it is crucial that the client stay within the spells criteria to ensure spell success. 
In essence, what we have going on here would be the Owner of the company (and myself at times) guiding you step by step throughout the entire spell process until your dreams are totally realized and your spell casting is completely successful. In short, we will stay with you as long as your willing to follow the rules and work with closely us. We believe that your success is our success, and this causes us to want to go the extra mile with you and or to ensure that everyone is happy in their over all lives as is reflected in our spell testimonial pages. You see, we are the real deal and can back up this statement with real Client references that you can write to or actually speak with, we are a fully legitimate, legally registered business specifically to cast spells for the public, and will upon your request, provide our state business registration licensing information. 
Our spell success rate is 98 to 100 percent successful with quick spell manifestation times of three weeks or less. We are considered on and off the Internet as a Master and Enchantress of the black and white magical arts by other occult professionals. We know our stuff and will further always be there for you via emailed advice and, on occasion, telephone advice should the client have an emergency type situation. We offer free spell pictures of your spell work and free re-casts if needed plus the fact that well will further work with you concerning spell payments if necessary Again, we will go the extra mile for our Clients by actually creating and performing their spells in some cases.

"Blood Love And Lust Spells" and "Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye" are owned and operated solely by High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows and fully licensed under the name of "Mystical Spirit Spell Castings" in the state of Idaho. Copyright, All Rights Reserved.
 Our Business Telephone Number : 208-714-4348.
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